After half a year of anticipation, two months of sorting and several weeks of goodbyes I have finally moved to Glasgow. For several years the Light Project Network has sought to branch out and extend the work of the Light Project further by developing the training we offer in new locations. In September together with Whiteinch Church of Scotland we launch Light Project Glasgow. It’s now early August, less than 24 hours after I arrive in this new city and I am reminded of my steps into Christianity…

9 years ago I took a summer job with a leafletting company in Dundee. I was preparing to move abroad and my sister invited me to live with her in Scotland; it was the summer I decided to follow Jesus. Moving back to Scotland for the first time in 9 years I remember the streets I walked, the communities I passed through and I remember a growing sense of belonging as God began to minister to years of living without Him and a growing awareness of the importance of the decision I was making. The towns I leafletted around Dundee experienced poverty I had never known, deprivation I had never seen. I also believe I was beginning to recognise the wider importance of this gospel.

Photo of blocks of flats

High-rise blocks in Glasgow – pray for open doors!

Being brought back to those memories made me quite emotional as I felt the Lord with me, impressing the importance of the message we, as people of the way, live and carry.

My role here, as I understand it so far, is to release and encourage people who have a heart to share their faith in their communities in the way God is leading them. The people of Glasgow have their own way of worshipping God I am looking forward to getting to know the people of God here and asking ‘why not?’ with them as they dream of acquainting others to the deepest need of us all: a relationship with the living God.

I have several ideas about what form Light Project Glasgow might take. Part of my role will be to demonstrate Jesus to an area in Whiteinch. I will be completely dependent on the doors God opens for me – the people I meet along the way. There is no established community group I can join or obvious way to meet people so I believe the best way to advance will be to try to be myself as much as possible and offer friendship to people as I pray in the area. I won’t be lying about why I am there as I believe openness is the best course for being met with a genuine response. I don’t need to impress people for Jesus nor do I need to apologise for him. In addition to this I am also very interested to learn more about how the Lord is discipling the recovery community here – an area of mission and evangelism close to my heart.

In essence I anticipate that Light Project Glasgow will be raw, transparent and honest. The harsh truth of our lives on earth cannot be avoided and I believe that to set out to respond to the needs, pain and brokenness people suffer with integrity is the only place we can begin.

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