Last year, Mattie Reilly took over running the Garden Lane Drop-in. Previously a gap year student with us, Mattie has brought great experience and compassion to this work with homeless and socially isolated people. He also runs the Drop-in at Christ Church in Chester.

“Over the last year, I have tried to use the same idea from Christ Church Drop In that I run on a Sunday. I brought in a healthy balanced meal each week and designed a menu for each term. I even got the opportunity to visit the Winter Night Shelter at Light Project Peterborough and see Sue Wall work and get ideas of what I could use with my work up here in Chester with the homeless”.

Due to many factors, including dwindling numbers, ASBO / other court order restrictions affecting the footfall of the Drop-In, we sensed God saying that it was time for it to close at this time. This does not mean an end to our work with this group of people and we continue to dialogue with those who work amongst those who are more “on the edge” in the city.

Here is Mattie with some final words:

“As the Garden Lane Drop-in has closed, it was time for me to leave. I have enjoyed my time here as Staff . I would like to give my thanks to Glyn for giving the opportunity to take on the Drop In, after Mel running it for 6 years and previous leader of it.  Also I would like to thank Christ Church. I have followed in other people footsteps and seen what Drop In has done for the community of Chester and for the Light Project. It was a blessing being with the Light Project family!”

So, for now, we stay goodbye to Mattie with great thanks for everything he has done and for his heart to feed and care for those who are in need and wish him all the best as he continues with Christ Church’s Drop-in.


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