Engage is a brilliant mini-conference that takes place amongst young people across the churches in Chester. It is open to high school students from year 7 and above and is a time where they are built up in their faith and have a chance to “engage” with the public in different ways the wonderful good news that God is real and loves them and wants to relate to them and bring new life.

This year there were several projects, including a community clean-up, baking for a food giveaway as well as the prophetic evangelism activity we offered at the Light Project.

We were blown away by the openness of the young people and how “up for it” they were to do evangelism. Even those who were less confident at hearing God speaking and talking to people about their faith had a go and many of them found in the process that God was moving in and through them powerfully.

In total, over the two afternoons, 19 young people, 5 leaders and 4 Light Project Chester students did a treasure hunting project where we listened to God, heard Him speak and went out on the streets to boldly share God’s love with people, (telling them of a God who knows them and cares for them), laying on hands and praying for the sick.

After identifying people through words of knowledge, they prayed with lots of people, including an ex-soldier for his Mum, a woman who was graduating, for healing for a woman with a twisted knee, gave a word in a coffee shop and had some encouraging conversations.

Several people who reported to never hearing God speak had significant words of knowledge later that afternoon! One lad had a word of knowledge as a pain in his left leg for the first time. One girl said afterwards “I now know what the presence of God feels like”. Another lad prayed with a stranger for the first time. They were buzzing when they came back and asked if they could do this again soon.

We also had some words of knowledge for the young people before they arrived. A number said that God had spoken directly to them through these; one very significantly, bringing a turning point in her faith journey after He “read her mail” at a point where she was about to give up on her faith.

My favourite word of knowledge was one girl who had a picture of someone wearing a black cape. It was an unusual word and the first thing that came to mind was “Batman”! or someone with a rather flamboyant ostentatious style of dress… it wasn’t until afterwards that we realised it was one of the university graduation ceremonies and so there were many people wearing black gowns that day to chose from…!

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