This week, the students devised and planned an outreach to communicate the good news of Jesus on the streets, with a particular focus on Easter. They decided to try and communicate the journey from Good Friday through Saturday to Easter Sunday using three “stations”, figuring that few people on the streets would be aware of the story and significance of Easter. Passers-by were invited to think about and write up “the most loving act” that they had ever received. They then were shown a painting of Jesus and were asked who they thought He was. At the final stage, they were invited to chose ‘something they need’ from a table in the form of Thorntons iced chocolate with 20 different words on such as “hope”, “peace”, “comfort”, “life”. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the students engaged beautifully with the public for an hour and a half with lots of wonderful conversations, opportunities for prayer and pennies dropping for people about how great the love of God is, the role of Jesus as God’s greatest gift, and the gifts and fruits He alone brings as we turn to Him.


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