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Amongst other things, the Light Collective is a source of great creativity for its members. Equally, with many of our College staff undertaking academic research, we also like to make work they have published accessible for wider use.

We’ve produced books, articles, games and a number of evangelistic resources (we also provide on this page some links to external resources), and encourage all our members to contribute to this growing collection.

Light Collective members have access to an online resource centre (in development), but some of what we have created so far is also available for general use on this page.


Peg and the Pumice stone

The Peg and the Pumice Stone: Being Good News in Everyday Life, by Glyn Jones

Do you long to share what Jesus is really like, but struggle to know how? Do you feel like a weak link when it comes to evangelism? And do you wonder what a peg and a pumice stone could have to do with it all? Then this is a book for you!

‘I first encountered Glyn by the fruits of his work. I kept coming across evangelists who were alight with Jesus and comfortable in their own skin. The common thread? Glyn Jones & The Light Project. This book is fresh bread. Engaging story telling by a man who “does what Jesus says”, who prays & sees the extraordinary in ordinary situations, who lives his faith, not just explains it. Honest, vulnerable, engaging. Loved it!’ – Revd Jill Duff, Bishop of Lancaster

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Big Hearted book cover

Big Hearted: The Gospel of Simple Words and a Large Heart, by Chris Duffett and Simon Goddard

‘This book is for anyone whose heart longs to share Jesus with others, but whose head has warned ‘don’t’. Chris and Simon show us how we can have a creative partnership with God, using the gifts we have already, to be effective big-hearted missionaries right where we are.’ – The Revd Kathryn Morgan, Mission Advisor Baptist Union.

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Philip book cover

Philip: A Novel, by Chris Duffett

Roman soldiers, temple prostitutes and children who can see the future. Violence, miracles and a love story lasting 60 years. Philip is a coming-of-age story and a ‘spiritual biography’ of one of the most important figures in the Bible, imagined by one of Britain’s most innovative evangelists.

For years, Chris Duffett has been meeting people where they are with the love of Jesus Christ, reclaiming street evangelism from the fire and brimstone brigade, and equipping thousands of UK Christians to step out in faith, courage and love. He imagines Philip the evangelist as someone many of us might know: a boy with a disability, caring for a sick mum; a teenager in love with his childhood friend; a man plagued by self-doubt, even as God uses him in people’s lives.

Walk with Philip through the streets of first-century Samaria and Jerusalem. Listen to him talk with Jesus in a market place. Watch him struggle with anger, fear and stress. Feel his enduring love. Get to know the Bible’s first evangelist, and know that if he could do it, so can you.

Philip is a rags-to-spiritual-riches story full of warmth, romance, drama and truth.

‘Through this delightful story inspired by the New Testament figure Philip, Chris Duffett succeeds in bringing the past to life, while enabling readers to resonate deeply with both the power of love and the all too familiar challenges of forgiveness.’ – Kate Coleman, Founder and Co-Director of Next Leadership

‘Creative, imaginative, challenging & highly engaging. This book is a great contribution that is well worth a read.’ – Gavin Calver, Director of Mission, Evangelical Alliance

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Fat Cats book

Smack Heads and Fat Cats, by Chris Duffett

Smack Heads and Fat Cats is a gripping challenge to love people who are not yet followers of Christ and to give them an opportunity to experience what it means to be a Christian. It is a call to engage in the adventure of being the Good News. Written in three parts, it outlines: a vision for evangelism; a biblical mandate for why we should be Good News; and how we can do evangelism.

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Finding Faith in the 21st Century Among the Non-Churched – Jones, G. (2020)

This is a summary of some of the initial findings of the research being carried out by Glyn Jones as part of a Professional Doctorate with the University of Chester, sponsored by The Light College.

An Analysis and Critique of Evangelical Approaches to Evangelism – Jones, G. (2012)

This MTh dissertation charts the rise of evangelicalism and how its core features have both released evangelism but also skewed who does it and how it can be done by the whole church.

Biblical Preaching: Postmodernity and Listener's Response – Cooper, K. (2020)

This MTh paper (by a Founder of The Light College) looks at listener’s response to Biblical preaching in a postmodern context.

An Analysis and Critique of Evangelical Approaches to Evangelism – Jones, G. (2012)

This MTh dissertation charts the rise of evangelicalism and how its core features have both released evangelism but also skewed who does it and how it can be done by the whole church.


Q Game

An easy way of encouraging people to talk about their faith and life in a relaxed and informal way.

Q is ideal for a church or group of Christians who are looking to connect with a new group of people. It works as a pre-Alpha activity as it is only short (4 weeks), flexible and anyone can run it without training, manuals or lots of preparation. All you need are some people, a coin and the set of Q beermats (included). 

‘It is the best way to get people talking about faith in a real way’… ‘beautifully simple’

Comments from some users of Q Game.

To find out more or order please email deri.fabian@lightcollege.ac.uk

Evangelistic resources

Known and Loved (Free)

Known and Loved is a free resource for small groups to prepare them to do something which will show others they are ‘known and loved’ by God.

Known and Loved

It’s simple:

1) meet in a small group, anything from just a few of you to around 12.

2) Meet in public, ideally in a pub, café or garden centre coffee shop.

3) Work through the studies and challenges and plan to do something as a group. It could be something that is a one-off or something that you continue to do to let others know they are known and loved.

Known and Loved

123Go! A national evangelistic initiative pioneered by Light College Co-Principal, Chris Duffett. 1 Gospel, shared 2 by 2 over the 3 days of Easter. Check out the website by clicking on the logo.

Mission Snapshot

This is an audit tool developed by The Light College and Collective to help churches look at how well they are organised for mission and evangelism. It is best used to give church leadership a ‘snapshot’ of what is happening, with a view to developing a coherent strategy for mission and evangelism with their surrounding communities.

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External Resources

evangelism ideas logo

Evangelism Ideas – Search for ideas, stories and examples of how others are reaching their communities and helping friends find faith.

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Talking Jesus – a useful resource to help Christians talk to others about Jesus, based on some recent research into the nature of Christian faith discourse in the UK.

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