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University Degree courses

in Theology, Mission and Evangelism

An innovative approach to mission and evangelism

Professional Certificate in Pioneer Chaplaincy and Mission

Part Time – 1 year

This one year course, in partnership with Third Space Ministries and validated by The University of Chester, has at its heart the taking of the Gospel into ‘unexpected places’: gyms, pubs, supermarkets, nightclubs etc. Chaplaincy is not new – there have long been chaplaincies in hospitals, schools and universities, for example, but this Professional Certificate recognises the need to bring a Christian presence into new areas, often at the very frontline of mission, and sometimes in challenging contexts and situations where people might be surprised to find ‘chaplains’ (2am on a dancefloor!).

Entrance Requirements

The Professional Certificate is designed to be highly accessible to people from a wide range of backgrounds (ages, abilities, church traditions etc).  Some of our most gifted students have little in the way of formal qualifications prior to embarking on the course, but thrive with the provision of generous pastoral and academic support from the college. As such, we would encourage those who feel they don’t have relevant academic qualifications to explore studying with us further – the main thing we look for is a clear sense of vocation to share the Good News of Jesus and some particular call to develop in pioneer chaplaincy.

The application process involves the submission and consideration of an application form, an interview, followed by a short period of discernment by both the applicant and the college, after which an offer to join the course may be made.

What will you Study?

Our Professional Certificate in Pioneer Chaplaincy and Mission (validated by The University of Chester), equips modern-day pioneers to share the Good News in fresh and creative ways, as well as to lead others in innovative approaches to mission and evangelism. The course is highly practical, involving placements with active participation in missional communities, projects and ministries. It is intended to make studying evangelism as hands-on as possible, with all of our lecturers experienced practitioners of what they teach. The course can be accessed from anywhere in the UK as the learning happens through a vibrant blend of online input and gathered weekend residentials (with teaching, fellowship, worship, food and guest speakers).

Across the year you will study 3 modules (below) and develop a “Pioneer Chaplaincy Toolkit” which is unique to this course and delivered by tutors from Third Space Ministries.

  • Discipleship – We begin with a focus on personal discipleship, looking at and developing our own spiritual lives of prayer and Bible study etc., and considering how this interacts with our lives of action as evangelists.
  • Historical Approaches to Evangelism – This module explores how people over history have engaged in evangelism, mapping the growth of the church throughout history and pausing at particular movements including the Celts, the rise of the Evangelicals and finally Pentecostal and charismatic approaches to evangelism.
  • Christianity, Culture and Communication – Here we examine how the Gospel is communicated in ways that are sensitive (and also potentially challenging) to our culture, with a particular practical focus on the Christmas message.
  • Pioneer Chaplaincy Toolkit – Unique to this course; alongside the above modules, a chaplaincy tool kit will be developed over the year as we investigate different approaches to chaplaincy and diverse pioneering contexts.

Studying on the Course… Learn how to be a Pioneer Chaplain

Students will study 3 modules over the course of the year, studying at 2 gathered weekend residentials (venues may vary) and 1 virtual online weekend residential. In addition to these residentials, all students will have on-line lectures/tutorials and worship times on Tuesday evening each week during term time.


Students can progress on from the Professional Certificate in Pioneer Chaplaincy and Mission to study the FdA starting on the 2nd Year PT and then, if they choose, onto the BA (Hons).

Tuition Fees

Information and guidance on student finance is available at www.studentfinance.direct.gov.uk

For self-funding students, The Light College has a small bursary fund and we will attempt to help any students who truly need financial assistance. Light College students are eligible for a Stewardship Account for friends and family to support them financially.

If you would like more information please contact the course administrator via admissions@lightcollege.ac.uk or telephone (03333) 446489 and leave a message.

Our current PCCM tuition fees are:

Part-Time 1 year – £3,500/year

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Accredited Baptist Ministerial Training

Develop your pioneering and mission skills

While studying on a Degree course (above), students simultaneously have a pathway into accredited Baptist ministry training with a particular emphasis on pioneering and mission. This training is offered in partnership with Northern Baptist College who provide the Baptist Ministerial Formation element.

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