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One of the defining features of study with the Light College is stepping out of comfort zones and trying out new ideas. Each year, you will be involved in a variety of practical mission and evangelism activities. These will take place as part of assignments, special activities organised by the college and also a placement. For the placement, you will be asked to pray and consider where God is calling you to serve and learn on a practical project close to where you live. It may be in your church or an activity that you want to learn about or try out. In the past, students have been part of chaplaincies, youth work, street evangelism, community projects, homeless provision, digital evangelism, new church plants and so much more.

The Net (Chester-Based Discipleship Placement)

The Net is part of The Light Collective and serves as a placement for those living near or relocating to Chester for their studies. It is a grassroots network of people on a journey exploring what it means to believe in God in the 21st century. It is a place where faith can be explored, community experienced and friendships established. At the heart of everything we do is the desire to deepen our devotion to Jesus whilst welcoming others to discover Him for themselves.

Joining the Net’s missional discipleship placement is a great opportunity to become a part of a close-knit community, be discipled in your faith and to explore ways of sharing the Gospel with others. It involves meeting regularly and being ready to experiment, to craft, to forge and to ask tough questions of what it means for us to be authentic followers of Jesus. Throughout your time with us on placement there will be many opportunities to:

  • Deepen relationships with Jesus and grow as missional disciples
  • Nurture and encourage new followers of Jesus
  • Experience various ways in which Christians are currently approaching mission and evangelism
  • Experiment with new ways of gathering as church
  • Craft contextual missional activities

If you are wanting to go deeper with God, be challenged to share your faith with others and be a part of community working out what it means to follow Jesus together, then why not consider joining us on placement?

If you would like more information please contact the course administrator via admissions@lightcollege.ac.uk or telephone (03333) 446489 and leave a message.

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Virtual Open Events

Our Virtual open events offer an opportunity to spend some time with staff, students & other interested applicants.  We normally hold between 3 and 5  Virtual Open Events yearly.

Sign up for one of our Virtual Open Events here or if you've missed our Virtual Open Events you can have a look at bite-size Videos from one of our Virtual Open Events here.

Learn how to share the good news in innovative ways

At The Light College, all of our courses are designed to prepare our students to share the good news of Jesus in the most innovative and context-sensitive ways, while at the same time nurturing a deep devotional life and a good grounding in theology. We are an approved academic partner of The University of Chester and all of our lecturers are university approved, with a wide range of experience and practical knowledge, passionate about their faith.

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Study part- or full-time from anywhere in the UK

Study can be done either part- or full-time, and can be accessed from anywhere in the UK as all lectures are taught during six residential weekends.

We accept students from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and academic ability

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages. We offer good academic and pastoral support, so dont let concerns about academic ability prevent you from exploring further – the main thing we look for is a sense of vocation and a sincere heart to share the gospel.

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We are currently accepting applications for courses in September 2024

If youd like to explore any of the courses further, please contact us using the form on this page – wed love to hear from you.

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